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Friday, September 22, 2006

Its a small world!

Ok, the back story here is that this morning I found a post on the Scoot Dawg forums and I alerted on this post from another scooter enthusiast who plays and builds dulcimers and lives in my old home town. So on a lark, I wrote him the following email. Keep in mind that I left Ft. Wayne Indiana in 1968 or 1969...
Dennis, I just dug through some of the ScootDawg forum and the "what do we all do" post. It turns out we have several things in common, not the least being scooters and dulcimers. I learned to love mountain dulcimer music when I lived in Louisiana some years ago and vacationed in Arkansas. I finally received a very inexpensive one as a gift about a year ago and struggled through learning a couple tunes. I've not had it out in several months now but when I finish 4 years of after-work college education in a couple months, one of my priorities is to find some real instruction and partners to play with.

I've also been a scooter guy for a while, having 2 years and 5000 miles on my 04 Phantom. But most interestingly, I grew up in Ft Wayne until my Jr High school years and I still have a very soft spot in my heart for that town. We lived out near Shoaff Park, (spelling?) and attended that baptist church there.

Anyway, I'm sending home to myself your dulcimer website so I can look at it in leisure this weekend. Regards, Nate McCord, aka Nate from Ogden.
Imagine my complete surprise when I got back after lunch to see the following response to my email.
Yup, you've got to be one of, I think it was Roger, right?....
McCord's boys. I believe you lived just off Rothman Rd somewhere, and we lived in Brookside Estates a bit closer to the church. I was married in Shoaff Park Baptist Church in a small private wedding. We attended there from the time I was in Jr Hi. until a year after I graduated in 1966... married in 67. I remember going over to your house one Sunday afternoon (I think) and getting stuffed on popcorn, listening to old Spike Jones records (I think), and watching movies.. I t seemed like it was sort of a ritual with your family.

Glad to hear from you!
Its been a few years since anybody referred to me as "one of Roger's boys!" But this guy, Dennis knows our family because getting stuffed with popcorn and listening to Spike Jones records was a bit of tradition at our house!

Isn't this internet thingie just really cool?

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